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Frugal shoppers tell us how to save on textbooks, gas and shopping
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Southeastern Students Save Dollars by Renting Textbooks
Newswise (press release)
For years students at Southeastern Louisiana University have saved a significant amount of money by using the university’s textbook rental system,

Cheap-Textbooks.com launches a Textbook Rental Price Comparison site.
PRLog.Org (press release)
PRLog (Press Release) – Aug 15, 2010 – Students are catching on to textbook rentals. Many of the schools now offer textbook rentals along with a number of

Book rental program a good option at Jackson State
Jackson Sun
Starting this semester, Jackson State Community College students have the option to rent their textbooks instead of buying them.

UWGB, SNC, NWTC campus bookstores now offer rentals
Green Bay Press Gazette
The school is piloting a program that offers seven textbooks rentals. College bookstore managers say they’re sympathetic to the high cost of books and that

Rent-a-book concept arrives at UC Berkeley
San Jose Mercury News
26, but they won’t have any trouble renting another back-to-school staple: textbooks. The Cal Student Store now allows students to rent select course texts

Textbook rentals — new chapter in lowering the cost of college
Times Herald-Record
A new law requires colleges to tell students the required textbooks and price when registering for classes.CHET GORDON/Times Herald-Record By Alyssa Sunkin

Textbook rentals help students on a budget
ASU is the only university around Region 8 providing a Textbook Rental Program, and when you’re a college student living on a budget, anything that can help

Barnes & Noble expands textbook rental program
Las Vegas Sun
The books are offered for at least 50 percent off the purchase of a new textbook and users can return rental textbooks either in stores or by mail after

Ark. Students Can Now Rent College Textbooks
KHBS-KHOG Northwest Arkansas
Fayetteville, Ark. — Students at several Arkansas universities now have the option of renting textbooks instead of buying them.

Where to Rent Cheap Textbooks Online for College
We show you where to rent cheap textbooks online from sites like Chegg and other trusted online book renters. Dishing out cash every semester for new books


Tips for buying used college textbooks

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With over a dozen textbook rental sites and another 20+ sites selling used textbook my recommendation is to use a price comparison tool to show the cheapest used, rental, ebook and international version price. When in college I hated the time needed to search all the sites so I built a quick search tool which became the website http://www.Cheap-Textbooks.com  Makes it much easier to compare all the sources and make a decision. We now also offer a site just for textbook rentals at http://www.Cheap-Textbook-Rentals.com

So what are my tips on buying used textbooks?

* Use a price comparison tool and find the cheapest used price. Next use a tool like our buyback quote tool to see what you will likely get when you sell it back. This is the net used price.

* Compare the net used price to rental prices, ebook prices  and international version pricing. There is no sell back for rental and ebooks so this is the cost to compare to the net used price. You can not sell international version back to bookstores (they can not sell them) so you will have to guess at their resale value.

Make sure shipping costs are included in your calculations. Shipping can range from free to the ridicules. I saw a textbook on eBay for $.99 but they were charging $30 shipping!

If you do rent here are some extra considerations:
1) Most important – don’t lose your book. If you loose your book you will find yourself paying both the rental and the replacement cost.
2) Don’t return rented textbooks late – if they can not re-rent it the rental company losses big time and there late fees can get very expensive. They also usually have a cutoff date where the book becomes yours and you must pay the purchase price.
3) Keep the original shipping boxes. Most rental companies what them returned in the same boxes.
4) Compare prices – with over a dozen big name sites offering rentals be sure to compare the prices and shipping. A price comparison tool like http://www.Cheap-Textbooks.com makes this job easier.
5) Read the terms and conditions – don’t just check the box that says you read it, actually read IT! This is a 4 month contract that covers what you can and CAN NOT do with the book. Remember, if you rent a textbook it is their book, not yours.

Tips for buying used college textbooks http://ow.ly/2pKg5

RT @DigitalTrends: Rent Cheap Textbooks

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RT @DigitalTrends: Rent Cheap Textbooks Online for College: Nothing more annoying then spending hundreds on textbooks. http://fb.me/Et9jmKon

College survival guides: Buying and selling college textbooks

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Buying new & used textbooks on-line is a great way to find cheap textbook prices but there are a few basics. Check out the College survival guides: Buying and selling college textbooks – How to buy or rent the cheapest textbooks http://ow.ly/2p3fq

7 Common Textbook Rental Questions

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One excellent money saving method for college students is that of textbook rental. Rather than buying your textbooks and trying to resell them when you are done with them, you can rent your textbooks. This eliminates the financial guesswork. No longer do you have to worry about trying to resell your used books. No longer do you have to spend precious time finding a buyer for your used college books. No longer do you risk not being able to resell your books. Instead, you simply mail them back to the rental company after your class is over.Because textbook renting is such a new and revolutionary idea, college students naturally have many questions. Today, I will answer seven of the most common questions.

via  7 Common Textbook Rental Questions.

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