Buying textbooks? Rent them from Amazon instead

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As scholars head back to college, Amazon is looking to take some of the agony out of purchasing books with an all-new textbook rental service.  Amazon already offers rentals on certain digital textbooks thru the Kindle, but that service got an upgrade as scholars get the choice to rent paperback and hardcover books from the site for a semester.

Scholars  can expect to save seventy % on rental books, which are lent out for a full semester, or 130 days. Both new and second hand textbooks will be shipped based mostly on accessibility, with all used books warranted in “acceptable rental condition.” Amazon plans to charge late books a 15-day extension charge and the full cost of the book after that.  Scholars  should also realize that extra charges can make an application for “excessive writing or highlighting” in the hired texts.  Making back to college accessible and reasonable Amazon is familiar with scholars and the books they require for classes and has been providing a textbook buyback programme for a few years. But with lots of books depreciating in worth as new editions are printed, semester rentals are an increasingly engaging service for scholars. also offers an analogous textbook rental service, with the additional ability to rent for either thirty or 125 days at a time.  Amazon’s own Kindle textbook rental service also offers more flexible scheduling, with the choice to keep a book for between thirty and 360 days.  This is only the 1st college year Amazon has offered physical textbook rentals, so that the service will possibly develop in the future terms.


Rental or Used Textbooks, which is the Best Deal

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Textbooks are a massive cost for students. To reduce this cost scholars are looking towards textbook rentals and purchasing used textbooks.  Both can help to save you over half of the price of purchasing your textbooks new.  But which is the better deal?  Here are two proposals to help identify the best trail for taking your university textbooks.

First you must go to a good textbook price comparison site. Enter your required books ISBN or hunt for your book using title and writer.  Now check out the price comparison results.  The results should ideally include both rental costs and used purchase costs.  The rental costs, and shipping if any, represents your total cost of the book.  You pay the money, they ship you the book, and you return it at the end of the rental period.  For the used books listed by the price comparison site the price is your 1st initial cost with the likelihood of recovering some of this cost when you sell your book at the end of the course.  At this primary step if the comparison list shows use textbooks that are less expensive than rental than this is your least expensive option.  If the used books are a touch more than rental you want to judge your potential sell back price which takes us to step 2.

In step 2 we will try and decide the sell back cost of a second user textbook.  Many price comparison sites include a choice to look up current buy back quotes for used textbooks like this. Naturally this is today’s buyback price but unless a new edition comes out you will be able to get about an identical value when it is time to sell your book.  So take the used price minus the buyback quote to get a very good guess on what your overall cost for the book will be.

This is the pricetag you need to compare to the price.  One game changer is if a new edition comes out. This could considerably devalue the buyback potential of the used textbook and makes renting an interesting offer.  One trick is to perform a search for your textbook utilising the title and writer and not the ISBN. This sort of search should return multiple editions of the same textbook.  Now glance at the printed dates of each version and see if you can see a pattern on how frequently a new edition comes out.  Is it each 3 years, 5 years, or some other average cycle.  This info ought to supply you with a hint if a new edition is approaching.

With just a touch of study you need to find yourself saving a substantial amount on your university textbooks.

To sample a site showing both used and rental textbook prices go here.

It’s college textbook time


Purchasing  school textbooks used to be straightforward : Professors told you what books to purchase.  You went to the school bookstore and purchased them.  At the end of the course, you had the choice to sell them back. Nowadays, it is a bit different and far more expensive, the approximate cost to scholars for textbooks in the 2012-2013 educational year is $1,121. The price of textbooks has traditionally been a major spending for college kids, falling just behind tutoring and accomodation, according to the Minnesota Society of  Licensed  Public Accountants ( MNCPA ).  Today, there are several different options for scholars to think about, including not buying at all, but renting books.  Digital-textbook choices offer scholars new paths to access books and possibly save cash.  Where to buy textbooks today?

The campus book shop.  It’s local, but has it got what you want at the price you are able to afford?  Cruise thru the aisles so that you can compare as you continue your search.

Off-campus bookstores.  These options can go from tiny, local shops to nationwide chains.  Some stores offer loyalty-reward programs derivable on bucks spent.

Textbook-specific sites. There are several, many textbook web sites, which a fast online search will confirm. Speak with other scholars to see where they are finding the keenest prices and most trusty service.

Major brand shops.  Amazon, eBay and even Craig’s List provide many options straight from the retailer or thru their market-place where people sell items.

Electronic textbooks. Rather than dragging your books around, you can buy and download what you want to your e-reader or tablet.  While you can not resell an e-textbook at the end of the semester, they generally tend to cost up to fifty percent less than a new, hardcopy book.  If your reading list includes classical literature that is in the general public domain, you will find websites that provide free downloads.

Rent textbooks. You are now able to rent textbooks rather than buying them.  Firms  offering this service will take your order and deliver it to your local campus book shop for pickup.  At the end of the semester, you take them back, and you are done.

If you make a decision to get online, watch your shipping costs, which can add up swiftly and wipe out your savings. Remember to permit time for delivery so you’ve got the materials in time for class.  Ultimately , be sure to give the vendor helpful feedback in order that they can better serve you in times to come.

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Knoji Introduces Textbook Rentals Consumer Reviews


Knoji, a quickly growing shopper data base, introduces customer review coverage of the textbook rentals market.

The purpose of the organization’s textbook rental reviews is to provide folk with reviews and ratings of favored textbook rental web sites by fellow clients.  With the increasing number of college kids who would prefer to rent textbooks than purchase them, the textbook rental market is expanding quickly.  New book rental sites appear each day. As a consequence, the market is getting deluged with poor quality firms offering unacceptable services, and it can be hard for the shopper to find the number 1 place for textbook rentals. That is the reason why Knoji is offering only reviews penned by real folk. All of the different textbook rental web sites are easy to compare, which makes it simple for the purchaser to make the correct choice.  Knoji supplies the opportunity for folks to scan all-encompassing textbook rental sites reviews.  All reviews are by real customers and include ratings primarily based on numerous factors , for example goods and services offered, buyer feedback, business credibility, costs, return and refund policies, and  more.  Readers who’ve used textbook rental sites like Chegg and Bookrenter can leave their own reviews and ratings to assist others get the maximum fresh information regarding the service supplier.

As well, visitors can go to the textbook rentals reviews Forum section, post questions on different corporations and get first hand info from other buyers.

Another advantage of the Knoji textbook rentals shopper reviews is the discounts and coupons that are listed together with the book rental reviews.  These promo vouchers offer exclusive reductions to Knoji visitors that aren’t available any place else on the Internet.  The deals come right from the textbook rental corporations and supply great cash saving options.

These reductions are particularly convenient for scholars who are on a humble budget and need to hire their textbooks as cost-effectively as practicable.

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