College Textbook Retailer Receives Highest 5-Star Rating from

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Standing in long lines at the college bookstore trying to buy college textbooks can be a thing of the past. Increasingly, students are turning to online college textbook stores that provide competitive pricing on the same books found on campus. Many college students are even taking advantage of services that allow them to rent their textbooks, rather than buying them outright, which saves them both time and money.

“College can be expensive, but using BookRenter for your textbooks can make it much more affordable,” according to Brian Dolezal, of, LLC. “BookRenter makes it possible for students to buy or rent both used and new college textbooks at a fraction of the prices found in campus bookstores. With more than 5 million books available, students can easily find the books they need. BookRenter has created the simplest, most cost-effective way to get college textbooks, with flexible rental terms and low prices for buying new and used editions as well. With an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and many satisfied customers, BookRenter gets our highest ranking for College Textbooks in 2016.”

To find out more about BookRenter and other providers of College Textbooks, including reviews and comparison rankings, please visit the College Textbooks Products category of at

Rent Digital Textbooks For Class Through Google Play

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Textbooks for classes can go for absurd prices (even if you can fit the book in your pocket, it can still easily go for $65). Schools usually try to sell back used books for “lower” prices, and if you’re not there on the first day of class to pick one up: good luck. Now, Google has dipped its hand in the textbook battle, and starting this week, students will be able to buy or rent digital textbooks through Google Play’s Books section. That’s right, your physics book can now be read on your phone. There is also an awesome option to leave notes and highlight text straight from the Google Play Books app.

There’s a huge selection of books you can check out on the Google Play site, so if you know what you need for classes this upcoming year, head over there to check out if they have what you need. Some books are still pretty expensive to buy, but, if you want to rent, Google says as a book renter  you can save up to 80 percent in comparison.

Android users can download the Google Play Books app here, and iOS users can download it here. Participating publishers include Pearson, Macmillan Higher Education, and Random House

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How Rafter Helps Colleges Cut Textbook Costs


Todays guest post is by David F Car. David writes that Rafter textbook rental broker finds niche partnering with public colleges to lower the cost of higher education.

If expensive textbooks perform a part in the rising price of further education, 2 extra villains are typically professors, who allot books without thinking about the price tag ; and varsity bookstores, which stand in the way of change. The way to turn these villains into heroes?  Rafter  Manager  Mehdi Maghsoodnia thinks he’s got the answer.  Rafter works alongside varsities and school bookstores on textbook rental programs and provides a sequence of Web programmes, including one to help faculty adopt the best textbooks while taking factors like price and accessibility into account.  Criticising  professors for alloting costly textbooks is biased, especially with a lack of tools to help them do better, Maghsoodnia related.  “It’s like medication, where the doctor’s inducement is to cure you.

The professor’s motivation is also to complete the job — to teach you.  It’s hard to ask him to also be a pro in the price of distribution and friction in the distribution channel.” Campus bookstores are often cited as an obstruction to breakthroughs like the arrival of free textbooks and other open tutorial resources.  But they have also got a chance to join the revolution by providing, as an example, print-on-demand variations of digitally distributed books.

Rafter is starting to put more focus on handling digital resources, and Sanders asserted he is inquiring into the print-on-demand option. Rafter evolved out of BookRenter, which sells textbook rental services directly to students. That business continues, winning the 2012 College Life Readers’ Choice Awards as the best textbook rental website. The company name was changed to Rafter last year, reflecting a shift to emphasize working through the campus stores.

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College Students To Rent Out Textbooks

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A new online service, RentBack, launched today targeted towards helping scholars earn money by hiring out their textbooks to other scholars.

The new service–run by CampusBookRentals, an internet supplier of varsity textbook rentals based in Provo Utah–lets users hire out their books to other scholars, receiving money, check, or credit toward future rentals.  CampusBookRentals expounded that scholars can use the service to hire out their books to other scholars, handled by CampusBookRentals, which may pay scholars each time their books are leased out and in circulation.  CampusBookRentals didn’t say what quantity of the rental charge will return to scholars, but did say those scholars may continue to receive payments for so long as those titles are in heavy demand.

Try Swapping and/or Renting Textbooks

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Nothing like the insanely high price of textbooks to spark a Textbook Revolt.  The site permits scholars to compare rates, hire books and then return them for nothing.

Chegg has traditionally been a popular  rental source, also, with their 21-day satisfaction guarantee for physical books and 14-day for eTextbooks.  CampusBookRentals offers a 15-day honeymoon period, giving buyers the chance to hire a book early or hang onto it late, while Amazon also launched a textbook rental store for its Kindle e-book service earlier in the year.

Three more  options?, which permits consumers to ship books back for free ; BookRenter, which instantly enters you into a $500 drawing each time you make an order ; and ValoreBooks, a website offering next-day air and lets users return their books absolutely free

Stop Being a Starving Student With Textbook Rentals – 3 Companies That Have Cheap College Textbooks

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If you’re a college student, or a parent in this day and age, you undoubtedly know that one of the most flabbergasting expenses other than the cost of room and board is most often the cost of the required textbooks that go along with the territory. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Textbook rentals are the wave of the future, and here are three companies that are at the forefront of the innovation.

Campus Book Rentals
Arguably the best company around when it comes to customer service relating to textbook rentals, and any problems or questions that may be associated with any problems or procedures. They have a good selection of books available at great prices, the books get to you quickly and the rental terms are flexible.

One of the big boys in the textbook rental world, but this comes with pros and cons. They have competitive prices (usually) but they tend to lack on the customer service side, and the condition of their books is iffy at times.

College Book Renter
Very similar to Campus Book Rentals in structure and pricing, and in general has a better presentation than Chegg. Their website states that it is possible to save quite a substantial chunk of change by using them, and it also lays out the benefits of textbook rental in a very down to earth way.

I have personal experience with two of these three companies, and indirect experience with the third. In spite of their individual differences, and other competitors which are not listed here, they all have the potential to save you (or your family) a good chunk of change, and in the end you won’t have to worry about abysmal buy back rates, or depreciating book values.

College textbook rentals really are the wave of the future, and a wave which everyone needs to be riding given the state of the economy today. Starving students strive for some degree of frugality wherever they can find it, and effectively participating in the recycling of textbooks is an emerging form of frugality at its finest.


Best Textbook Rental Sites – Price Compare for the Cheapest Books

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Aside from expensive college tuition, textbooks are the next most expensive thing that you need to save for in college. Textbook prices increase annually on an average of 6%. If you are spending about a thousand dollars per year for textbook, you will definitely go bankrupt by the time you graduate just on textbooks alone. Unless you come from a wealthy family, you will not be able to survive college with the rising prices on almost everything you need.

The good news is that there is a solution to the problem of high textbook prices. That answer is textbook rental sites. Textbook rental sites are websites that allow college students rent the books they need on an agreed period of time. These sites are built to make it easier for students to browse through their large selection of textbooks and rent them at the convenience of their home or dorm for that matter. The tricky part is finding the best textbook rental sites that will offer the biggest discount for you to save more. It will take a great deal of research to find the best ones but here is a simple comparison from the best textbook rental sites available for everyone.

The top 3 rental sites are, and Let us compare the price for Basic College Mathematics by Marvin L. Bittinger. had it priced at $43.99 for one semester, CampusBookRentals at $45.35 for 130 days or 1 semester and at $59.13 for 125 days or 1 semester. Comparing the three best textbook rental sites, you will find a small price difference for and However, if you look at their websites, you will find that CampusBookRentals offer 2 way free shipping as against Chegg’s one way free shipping only. Over at, they also offer free shipping for books rented over $100 which is good if you will be renting more than 1 book per transaction. Also, if you apply the discount coupon code upon check out, prices may differ from the published rates.

You would need to get the biggest textbook discount coupon code if possible to get more savings on these books. Aside from comparing the prices of textbooks from the best textbook rental sites, you also need to take into consideration the shipping value and policy of each site. As mentioned above, CampusBookRentals offer 2 way free shipping. However, you need to check if they do ship books on time or do you have to do constant follow up. Another thing you have to consider is the quality of the books. If for example one rental sites offers a book cheaper than the competitors, you need to ask the condition of their books. If they allow highlighting and notetaking on their books, chances are you will be getting one with all the annoying notes and highlights that comes with the book. Basically, it all boils down to great prices, great customer service and the quality of books rented out.

There is one thing that can really be a game changer, textbook coupon codes. With an updated coupon you can drastically change the total cost of your books and find the lowest possible price. It’s a simple step that can save you a ton of cash.


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