Rent Textbooks = Save Some Money

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With college students’ constantly trying to save money, every little bit of savings can really add up. An increasingly popular option for students trying to save some dough is the option to rent textbooks instead of purchasing them outright. While this might seem somewhat confusing, it really shouldn’t to anyone that has ever used Netflix before; the concept is nearly identical. There are many textbook rental websites on the internet, but most work the same. First, find the textbooks that you need, and make sure that the price and rental period works for your needs. Once all the details look satisfactory, then pay for your books and wait. The textbooks should come within a few days, and then they are yours to use for the semester. As a tip, be sure to save the packaging that they came in so that you can use it when you return them at the end of the semester. Be sure to take good care of the books that you have rented; they are not technically yours and you should abstain from writing in them or highlighting them.

Once you are done with finals, then log on to the website that you bought your textbooks from and print off your return shipping label. Most websites include the return shipping price in the initial rental quote, so make sure not to pay for it out of pocket. Once the company receives your returned books, they will examine them to make sure that they are still in good condition; as long as you took decent care of them you shouldn’t have anything to worry about as far as this stage goes.

An important thing to remember when looking into renting textbooks is the compare the pricing of purchasing vs. renting; sometimes renting can save you a significant amount of money, while other times it might be more economical to purchase the books. Some websites, like, allows you to choose between buying or renting your textbooks, and it can be quite handy to have both the purchase and rental prices side by side.

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Rent Textbooks Online to Save Money

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With the increasing of education costs, many students are facing tight budget for their college degree studies, especially the students who did not get a scholarship and have to fund their education fees with their own money. If you are one of these students, then rent your textbooks instead of buying them will help you financially.

Many students spend hundreds of dollars a semester on buying textbooks that are required by their courses, but after the semester end, they don’t need the books anymore and these books will end up being sold back to the bookstore as the used books at a fraction of the original price.

One alternative to save the money uses to buy the brand new textbooks is simply rent the textbooks from any of textbooks renting service. Ever better, you can rent the book from online textbook renting websites easily from your computer and the books rented will be delivered to your door by mail. Most often, the rented books will be attached with the return labels, which enable you to send back the book with free shipping. Just in case you need to extend the renting period, you can make a request to extend 15 or 30 days added or another quarter/summer/semester period.

There are many textbooks rental programs offered online, which you can rent the textbooks required for your study. Here are the three common resources where you can find the required textbooks and rent them at a low price. If you still want to own them, you could also buy them at a fraction of the cost.

1. is one of the biggest internet textbook renting sites. You can find most of textbooks used at the colleges. The site contributes in forest saving activities; every book you rent from, they plant a tree through American Forests. You are allowed to highlight the important points at the rented textbooks, but you are prohibited from writing on the books.

2. has been recognized as the first and the best online book rental company. It provides a flexible rental period and hassle-free renting and return process, which can be done online with intuitive interface offer unparalleled convenience. They don’t allow you to highlight or write on their books.

3. The School’s Bookstore

Your school’s bookstore may have textbook renting service. Check it out. The benefits of renting textbook from your school’s bookstore are most of textbooks used by school can be found, you can instant get the book and you have a chance to check the condition of the books before renting them.


The expenses needed for buying textbook may involve a substantial portion of your education budget. One alternative to save same money from buying textbooks is simply rent them. You may not need the books after the semester end, but if you really want to keep the rented books for future reference, you can buy them at a fraction of cost.

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Textbook Rental Coupons for Jan 2012

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Can You Rent Textbooks?

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Having a daughter in college now I was appalled at the prices of her textbooks. You would think they were made of gold and to buy them would and does cost sometimes more than the tuition. And she wants to be a teacher, so there are no medical books or legal books to buy. Even when students use the PAL grants for buying their books, sometimes that doesn’t cover the price of the books.

Nowadays when you go online you will come across businesses that will rent text books to you. This will cut down the cost of college books by half or so they state. But before making that decision to rent books online, first figure out just what books will be needed, and if they are available online.

Many companies that are renting online text books do not charge shipping and handling which is very good because books are heavy. They will also pay for the return of the books once the student is done with them; as long as they are in good condition. Most of these companies have a large warehouse full of every book one would need, so some will boast they have every book you will need.

They also have a policy that a student can actually make a bit of money when returning their rented books. Go to a college book store and pay two hundred dollars for a book and then try and get at least half of that back at the end of the semester, not going to happen. You might get thirty dollars for it, if that. One nice thing about renting books online is most companies have a thirty day guarantee, if the student drops the class of it might be canceled, the student can get their money back from renting the book.

Once thing and it is probably the most important item is the student must take care of the rented books. They must send them back in as good as shape as when they got them or sometimes they might be rejected and the student will not get their money back. Or the company might accept the books back, but will charge the student for the damage.

When ordering the text books, be sure you have a clear understanding at what books are required, get the exact name, volume and author to be sure to get the right rental. A real great way to be sure you are getting the right book is to get the ISBN number, or the bar code of the book that will insure the proper book is being sent.

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