The Positives of Renting College Textbooks


Going to college is always a thrilling and exciting time in your life. However, you are going to quickly realize that the cost is more than what you are used to. You might think that by going into your local college book store and seeing a hard back selling for nearly twenty bucks, that is how much you will pay for your college textbooks, but this would be a mistake. You will notice that when you go to college that the cost of the books is huge. You can easily discover the positives of renting college textbooks though and here are just some of them.

The first positive is that you are going to be able to save money. We all love to save money but, by renting them instead of purchasing them you are going to be able to spend less money. If you spend less money on the books then you are going to be able to put that forth to your lab fees or other items that you need. Like going to the movies, going out buying new clothes. College is expensive enough why would you want to spend more money on books that you will never open again.

The second positive is you are not going to have to worry about how much the book store is going to give you when you go to sell back the books that you paid hundreds for only to have them offer you twenty dollars for. Sometimes the book stores don’t even buy back the textbooks that you have paid for. With new editions and new professors college book stores often drop current editions and you get nothing.

The third positive is if you are renting them you will be able to ensure that you have the proper edition of the book. Then if the professor decides to change the book that he is going to use at the last minute you will not be out a couple hundred bucks because you bought it, but you might be out the rental fee. Rental fee’s are cheaper if you return it earlier so win win for you.

The fourth positive is that you are going to be assured that you get a high quality book. Now if you purchase new books then you know that your going to get the best ones available that have never been opened, but for the rentals it will be similar to if you rent a car they are going to be reviewed after each use. Renting textbooks is always cheaper than buying a car. But some car rentals are more expensive than your textbooks.

Being able to save money on textbooks when you are in college is going to be nice. However, one thing that you might never have considered doing before though is renting college textbooks. If you do this you will see a savings that you never thought possible. College book renter is the site that showed me the light on how to rent books instead of buying them, just need to give credit where credit is due.

Why rent textbooks? Because college is expensive enough! At, we make textbooks affordable for college students just like you through textbook rental as well as textbook purchase and textbook buyback.

Instead of going to the university bookstore or online retailers who only offer full purchases, why not rent textbooks online from us? The book rental process is easy and can save you up to 85% on millions of popular titles. Rent textbooks from the convenience of home, without running the risk of your textbooks becoming worthless by semester’s end, and you’ll save hundreds of dollars on college textbooks!


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Stop Being a Starving Student With Textbook Rentals – 3 Companies That Have Cheap College Textbooks

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If you’re a college student, or a parent in this day and age, you undoubtedly know that one of the most flabbergasting expenses other than the cost of room and board is most often the cost of the required textbooks that go along with the territory. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Textbook rentals are the wave of the future, and here are three companies that are at the forefront of the innovation.

Campus Book Rentals
Arguably the best company around when it comes to customer service relating to textbook rentals, and any problems or questions that may be associated with any problems or procedures. They have a good selection of books available at great prices, the books get to you quickly and the rental terms are flexible.

One of the big boys in the textbook rental world, but this comes with pros and cons. They have competitive prices (usually) but they tend to lack on the customer service side, and the condition of their books is iffy at times.

College Book Renter
Very similar to Campus Book Rentals in structure and pricing, and in general has a better presentation than Chegg. Their website states that it is possible to save quite a substantial chunk of change by using them, and it also lays out the benefits of textbook rental in a very down to earth way.

I have personal experience with two of these three companies, and indirect experience with the third. In spite of their individual differences, and other competitors which are not listed here, they all have the potential to save you (or your family) a good chunk of change, and in the end you won’t have to worry about abysmal buy back rates, or depreciating book values.

College textbook rentals really are the wave of the future, and a wave which everyone needs to be riding given the state of the economy today. Starving students strive for some degree of frugality wherever they can find it, and effectively participating in the recycling of textbooks is an emerging form of frugality at its finest.


Rent Textbooks and Save Money

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Recently there have been an increasing number of sites on the web that supply college students the option to rent college textbooks. As any college student or parent of a university student is aware of, one of the biggest expenditures, just after educational costs, is the expense of textbooks. For a student getting brand new text book for each school, the price each year may run into the hundreds. The fee to book textbooks is generally the vast majority from the cost.

Before making the decision to rent references, pupils have to very carefully consider the positive aspects. Having college costs increasing quickly per year, spending less is essential. Publication rental fees can help to save pupils quite a lot of dollars over the course of his or her university career, furthermore, there are more benefits for college students they like to rent the book. For instance ,:

1. Renting From Home – College students may rent text textbooks from the comfort and ease and privacy of their own homes, having only a click.
2. Free Shipping – A lot of businesses who carry rental text book provide free shipping both to and from their place of business.

Using rental textbooks also gets rid of the trouble of trying to sell a second hand book at the end of the semester. University students have often been horrified to find the text book on which they spent large sums of money were bought back again for pennies on the dollar. Students will be willing to find out that businesses that rent textbooks low-cost also will buy back any old text book the scholars have laying around. Not only are these college students able to rent text book cheap, they are also able to make a little money.

An additional for students who finalise to rent a textbook is always that most websites give a 30 day money back refund. In case a college student wants to decrease a class or even if your class is canceled, students may then send the book back for a full refund.

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