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Every person has their own reasons for always trying to save money, but the broke college student is one of the most prominent stereotypes around and would likely benefit from some good budgeting tips. If you’re paying for college on your own or simply have less spending money than you’re used to while in school, taking these budgeting tips into account may help you save a little or a lot, depending on how strict you are with your finances. In any case, these are all-around great tips for anyone going to school.
It’s unavoidable: your professors require you to have access to a textbook or three in order to pass the course. If you ever made the mistake of buying directly from the college bookstore, and if you ever bought a brand new textbook from the aforementioned bookstore, you know how the cost can add up. Being in a bookstore that is tailored to your college also includes trying very hard to resist the temptation to buy a mascot-imprinted journal for each of your classes, as well as a matching pen in your school colors and logo. You are much better off searching for your textbooks through a textbook rental service that will allow you to keep the books until after your finals, or scouring the Internet for forums where students sell their old textbooks for cheap. If you did make the mistake of buying a severely overpriced textbook in the past, those forums are also a great way to get rid of an unnecessary book and get some money out of it. Some students might even be willing to trade textbooks.
If you live on campus, it is probably best that you make plans to live without a car. Car care can become expensive if you have very low cash flow, and the price of gas these days is outrageous anyway. Walking or biking around campus is healthier for you and cheap (if you have to buy a bike) or free. You can also avoid those expensive parking passes your college likely requires. If you don’t own a bike, can’t afford one, and walking is too much of a hassle on campus, learn about the mass transit systems. They are relatively cheap and sometimes free if they are campus-based.
Are you the kind of person who feels the need to be entertained all the time? Saving money doesn’t mean you have to give up on entertainment. Take advantage of campus activities like music concerts and plays put on by the students. Many of these activities are cheap or free, and in turn, you’re supporting your classmates. Getting involved with an organization on campus can also guarantee you inexpensive entertainment and sometimes even food!
Knowing how to pinch a penny here and there will help you avoid an empty wallet while in school, but these tips can also become best practices for life after college. If you’re having trouble finding money to pay for college, read about the financial options you may have as a college student.

By Amanda Rodriguez

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Rent College Books Online The Easy Way

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We humans are a lazy bunch by nature. We want things faster, quicker, easier. From the dawn of the industrial revolution all the way up to the era of technology and the internet, we have strived to make our lives easy.

That being the case, companies have responded to our lazy nature by providing us with the easiest routes to our desires that they can possibly give. We can have groceries delivered right to our door. We can pay our bills online. We can even achieve our dreams of getting a college degree online. We can rent college books online too.

Not long ago, we would have to stroll into the campus bookstore to find our books (at exorbitant prices, mind you!). Then up popped websites that allowed us to order them and have them delivered (still not the cheapest thing in the world!). Then businesses got wise and started offering used books for sale at a discount. Awesome! They’re getting better, but…

The problem is that you never know if you are getting the best price. Granted, it’s pretty easy to sit down at a computer with your favorite beverage and do endless searches online to find the best price you can for what you need. But wouldn’t ya know it – someone has found a way to make an easy task even easier.

There’s a haven for those college students whose brains are fried from their studies, who are too tired to search for hours on end, and who want to save money. This wonderful site lets you rent college books online the easy way – a one stop price comparison shop!

The beauty is that whether you are in the market to rent or buy textbooks online for cheap, this site has you covered. You’ll see prices from all around the web – from sites who are offering used textbooks for sale as well as rental offers.

Ah – the appeal of easy! Interested?

Simply head on over and start searching to figure out the lazy (and certain) way whether you should rent college textbooks or buy textbooks online

College Textbook Rental – Easy Affordable Alternative For Budget Conscious College Students!

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College textbook rental is becoming a popular, affordable alternative to a college student’s traditional purchasing of textbooks. There have been an increasing number of websites online that allow a person to simply rent their semester’s books online and return them when they are finished.

After locating a textbook rental website, the college student will use the site’s search engine to locate the books they are looking for. Upon locating the book, the student will be allowed to choose from several different rental periods. These time periods can range from thirty days to six months. A student will be required to establish an account with the rental website. He or she will be required to enter their personal information and to review their personal and financial information before the textbooks will be shipped to them. A receipt will be furnished to the student for their records, and most websites will send a second copy of the receipt to their email account. The overall process is rather simple.

When a student is ready to get the books they have obtained through textbook rental, they will be required to log back on to the rental website. Then, they will choose the textbooks they wish to return. The website will generate a return pack list and shipping label for the student to print off. The shipping label should be affixed to the package the books are being returned in. It is important to ensure that the packing slip is enclosed in the package.

Then the package is simply placed in the mail and sent to the website’s headquarters. The cost of purchasing textbooks that are only going to be used for one or two semesters can be quite exorbitant. Fortunately, there are companies who are seeking more affordable methods for students to acquire the materials they need for their college education. If a student is unable to purchase the books they need, then textbook rental may be an ideal alternative for the student. On average, a student can save upwards of 50% of the cost of purchasing their books through college textbook rental. Such websites usually also offer reasonable prices on gently used textbooks for purchase as well.

College textbook rental is a viable budget friendly option for cash strapped college students. This option should be consider when you only need the books for a short time and do not plan to keep the books