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Save with textbook rental coupons

Advantages and Disadvantages of Textbook Rental

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Thinking of buying the required textbooks in college? Wait! Don’t do that just yet. There are ways to save on college textbooks. You don’t need to shell out as much as a thousand a year for your textbooks. You can save by renting from textbook rental sites that are getting more popular as new textbook prices increases over the years. Textbook rental can be done by just logging on to textbook rental sites and picking the books you need for your subjects. These books will be ship to you and you can return them after the rental period.

Here are the advantages of textbook rental:

1. You save money – This is the number one factor when deciding whether to buy or rent college textbooks. It has been proven that you can really save by renting. Depending on the textbook rental site you choose, you can save up to 85% by renting rather than buying. This would help you stretch your budget by leaps and bounds. If you have extra time, you can scour the net to get discount coupon codes to get further discounts or more perks when renting. Taking the time to do your research and looking for the best sites can save you the most money.

2. You save time – Buying online can help you save time and energy. You need not go visit several bookstores to complete your college textbook requirement. You only need to browse through the large selection of books that textbook rental sites offer, choose the ones you need, checkout, type in your discount coupon code and rent. It is easy to do and you can do it in the littlest time possible at the comfort of your home. By doing so, you also save transportation and gasoline cost.

3. You save trees and the environment – Using rented textbooks will decrease the amount of paper use thus saving the trees and the environment. This is important today as we now live in a country where each person contributes and tries hard to be eco-friendly. You can save thousands of trees by renting textbooks rather than buying new ones.

4. You help the community – You may wonder how you can help the community by renting textbook. If you look closely at the different textbook rental sites, you will notice that most of them offer to help the community every time you rent from them. Some of the programs include planting a tree for each textbook rental and donation to partner organizations.

Disadvantage of Textbook Rental:

With textbook rental, advantages outweighs the disadvantages. There is only one disadvantage – you will not be able to use them as a reference book once you’re rental period is up and you have returned them to the rental site. Another which is not really a disadvantage but can be a problem is when you don’t return the books on time. This can cause you your savings since you have to pay for the book extension. So, better make sure to follow the rental procedure to get most of your savings.

By Jacob King


Best Textbook Rental Sites for The Lowest Priced Books

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The great debate as to which are the best textbook rental sites when it comes to the lowest priced books has been heating up in recent years. Here we weigh the best options available to most people, and focus only on the big players as it is these that have emerged in recent years as the core contenders when it comes to providing the best service for the average consumer. We will examine BookRenter, CampusBookRentals, and Chegg. We will then add up the scores and tell you which option is the best so that you can begin to find the best prices right away and with minimal ease. Here are our considerations:

Book Renter
Pretty solid when it comes to book availability and our searches were usually quite successfully so no problems there. They have a good refund policy, but do not offer insurance which is a kind of half good, half bad situation. You can buy and sell on the site which is neat for those looking to do more than just rent. Late fees are a little steep, but their return fee is free, which is good. Shipping times are decent enough, and the loan period is also rock solid. There is no monthly fee.

Has fewer books than the other two, is a little bit pricey, and offers no insurance either. You cannot sell books, but you can buy the ones you rent. The late fees are a bit confusing, but you can also return books for free, but all three offer this as standard (since it works in their favour anyway). No monthly fee and shipping is OK. Not a bad place.

This is our best choice when it comes to the top textbook rental sites. It has the most books available by a pretty decent margin. Unlike the other two sites it actually offers insurance, which is important for any postal based rental service- especially an online one. Its refund policy is by far the most comprehensive of the three, perhaps because the site is so well established. The selling and buying options are pretty clear and to the point, which is a welcome bonus. There are no late fees and this alone separates the side immensely from the others. As per the norm there is no return shipping cost at the end of your rental period. Shipping time and costs are both rock solid and dependable.

Wrapping Up
Weighing up all these options, it is clear that our winner has to be the well established and immensely popular website called Chegg, which has been making leaps and bounds in the market in recent years, and is clearly the main innovator among the big three currently operating in the market. It is unlikely that there will be any serious challenges to this dominance until the rest wake up to Chegg’s popular mix of keeping things simple, direct, and efficient. Hence our choice among the best textbook rental sites has to be Chegg.

Is it really that easy to save money on textbooks? YES! Just use the sites listed above to compare prices and shipping to find the best deal available. I have always had success between BookRenter and Chegg but there are always competing sites popping up.

By Jacob King 

How Much Money Students Can Save Online College Book Rentals

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Online College Book Rentals is a popular trend among university and college students. They are using textbook rental services offered by some of the most reputable
online book rental stores to save money. New students on university campus often have less idea about the textbook rental facilities. They are either ignorant to this affordable option of getting college textbooks or have no idea about how much money they can save by renting textbooks online. This article will provide some important insight to online book rental services and the money-saving potential being offered by online textbook rental stores.

Original Textbook Cost vs. Textbook Rental Fee
Online textbook rental services help students in cutting their expenses over semester textbooks. On an average, student can reduce their textbook expenses by 50% to 60% by utilizing textbook rental services. There are many online book stores offering wide range of college textbooks on rent. Their textbook rental fees for the whole semester comes around 35% to 40% of original retail price of books.

For example, the popular book “UNDERSTANDING SCIENCE” which is priced $ 149.95 can be rented for $ 74.98; that simply means saving of $ 74.97 (approx 50% of the original cost). The book rental fee usually includes shipping charges (both delivery to recipient and dispatch to book rental store at the end of semester).

Usually college student has to spend an average of $1000 to $1500 on buying all college textbooks for a semester. At the end of semester, the books become useless to them. They have the option to either sell it or give it to their juniors. However, in many cases the syllabus or the books are changed depending upon the curriculum revision or professor’s preferences of teaching. In that case, the books cannot be used by juniors.

Think about a student who prefers renting books rather than buying it. He will spend approx $ 500 to $ 750 for all the textbooks for one semester. At the end of semester, he will return all the books to the online book rental store and order books for next semester. He doesn’t need to worry about selling used books or giving it to juniors. His expenses over book rental is approximately 50% that means for the total purchasing cost of books in one semester, he can rent same books for two semesters.

In summary, utilizing book rental services for getting college textbooks is a wise decision for college students. They can reduce their costs of getting books and spend the remaining money to fulfill their other needs.

Selecting The Suitable Online Store To Rent Textbooks

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If you are a university student and need textbooks at the guaranteed lowest prices then you must select online rental stores. Basically,this assist you find the guaranteed lowest price for all your university textbook rentals. You enter the textbook name, author name, title or ISBN number or code you’re searching to rent and their well-featured system exceptionally finds the textbook to rent in no time. This is the safest and easiest way to get textbooks at the lowest price and ensure that you’re saving your pocket-money at the same time.

But, before selecting any online store you must consider certain things in your mind. You must attempt to seek that the online rental stores have physical presence also; this can be done by confirming their address from the “contact us” section. It will not only help you to verify the company but also develop a strong confidence of renting the college textbook. It is almost easy to verify the legality of the company.

You must thoroughly read and understand its terms, rules and conditions to eliminate the future risks. Understanding the terms, conditions and privacy policy helps to know the framework of the store. This is important because some of the rental stores charge heavy and unbearable late fees and other surcharges on the students. Some stores do not provide the access of complete textbooks for the semesters. This is the major problem with most of the stores; therefore, confirming their rules is equally important., it is the best option for university students to rent their textbooks from online book stores. They will not only save money by books online, but also contribute in making environment greener.

If you select a renowned then you can easily get multiple benefits such as purchasing of textbooks options, selling of used textbooks, renting of textbooks along with journals, periodicals, research papers, etc. Well established stores offer various types of discounts as well as rebates for the university students. You can select this that has a huge collection of university textbooks to choose from that eventually saves your precious time as well as money.

These stores can enhance your experience of renting books. Unlike others, they will not only save your precious money by offering cheap book rentals, but they will also provide you excellent customer service and quick delivery of books. Students who have rented books from any such well-established online book rental stores know the differences in services of a reputable online book rental store and any other book rental stores very well.

Site note: to get a list of sites that rent textbooks try our textbook rental comparison tool.

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