Buying vs Renting College Textbooks

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A video that compares buying vs renting college textbooks. If you choose rent college books you might our textbook rental price comparison tool to compare the rental prices of each company where you can rent college books online.

How the option to rent college textbooks is working at schools

  • Oklahoma college students, bookstores look to online technologies …– University of Oklahoma junior Lindsay Green rents her textbooks and uses a free library reserve program to help save money. Oklahoma college students, bookstores look for cost-savings on textbooks Still, she spent nearly $400 last semester on books and supplies. Green, a political science student from Aledo, Texas, estimates she would have paid about $900 if she bought her books.
  • Textbook rental is a success | University Letter– This semester the UND Bookstore introduced textbook rental to the campus, which helped save UND students over $200,000. Due to the success of textbook rental, we sold 3,000 more units than we sold in the fall of 2009. Choosing to rent college books for the upcoming semester is one way you can help save students money.
  • Got Online Learning Classes? Don’t Buy Textbooks – Rent Them …– Online classes are a great convenience, but what do you do when you need to buy your books? You probably opted for a distance degree because you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home to attend college, or perhaps you live too far away to make the trip a feasible option. You can reduce the cost of online degree programs by renting your textbooks instead. In Part I of this series, we discussed the advantages to rent college books online and reviewed Chegg.
  • Textbook Rental—A Fabulous New Phenomenon for Students– Even with college tuition rising every year, students are beginning to get a financial break with the new phenomenon of textbook rental. After loans are taken out and tuition is paid, textbooks are the next money-draining expense in a …
  • Bringing Publishing to the Classroom at the Pinwheel Writing …– On Saturday, May 12, a group of Ooligonians attended the Pinwheel Writing Festival, hosted by the Arts & Communication Magnet Academy in Beaverton, OR. According to ACMA’s mission statement, the school challenges all …
  • New Textbook Program Gives Students Money Saving Options … – As tuition increases students are looking for more ways to save money on their education, one of those ways is textbook expense. College textbooks cost students a lot of money. Rhoda Koszuth a 41-year-old biochemistry major said that she spent $700 on textbooks last semester at the ASUN bookstore.

Chegg 8% Off Textbook Coupon Codes 

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Chegg 8% Off Textbook Coupon Codes

More on Chegg

  • Textbook Rental Giant Chegg Goes Digital; Now Offers HTML5 … – « WordPress Now Powers 22 Percent Of New Active Websites In The U. As college students around the country start heading back to the dorms and purchasing their books for the semester, textbook rental giant Chegg is making major waves in the space with a number of new announcements. First off, Chegg is finally going digital, and is going to be steadily rolling e-textbooks on its platform with goal of offering millions of e-textbooks to students by the end of the year.

Solution to textbook inflation: Just rent em – Business – School Inc. –

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Solution to textbook inflation: Just rent em – Business – School Inc. –

Ask any college student and they’ll tell you: “Books cost too much.” The College Board says the average student at a four-year public college should expect to spend $1,137 this year on textbooks and other course materials.

“Books cost a ridiculous amount of money,” says April Wade, a student at the University of Rhode Island, who has paid as much as $160 for a single book.

Textbook costs are rising far faster than inflation. A new analysis by the Student Public Interest ResearchGroups (PIRGs) shows textbooks prices have increased 22 percent during the last four years.

Textbook prices have been cited as one of the reasons many students drop out of the California community college system.

“The entire cost of college, including textbooks, is going up so quickly that families cannot plan for the expenses,” says California Community Colleges Chancellor Jack Scott.

Additional Reading

  • Despite Booming eReader and eBook Sales, Many Students Still … – Campus Technology reported last week that although the eReader market experienced a dramatic increase in sales during the last holiday season, the e-textbook market has yet to feel the boom. Companies specializing in e-textbooks, …

    • Textbook rental is a success | University Letter – This semester the UND Bookstore introduced textbook rental to the campus, which helped save UND students over $200,000. Due to the success of textbook rental, we sold 3,000 more units than we sold in the fall of 2009. Choosing rentable titles for the upcoming semester is one way you can help save students money.

Save up to 80% with Kindle Textbook Rentals

2 Comments Save up to 80% with Kindle Textbook Rental for PC, Mac, Kindle, & mobile device More Details

  • Great savings: Save up to 80% off the list price of the print
  • Pay only for the time you need: Choose a rental length between 30 and
    360 days and pay only for the exact time you need a book. Extend your rental for
    as little as one day or convert to purchase
  • Rent once, read everywhere: Rent and read tens of thousands of
    textbooks on PC, Mac, Kindle, or your mobile device
  • Keep your annotations: Access your notes and highlights anytime, even
    after the rental expires, at
  • More Details

Opinion on Amazons  launch of its new Kindle Textbook Rental program

Amazon starts eBook rentals

Nandy Ferguson sees the eventual decline of print textbooks in the future. With new trends in reading options, students are more likely to switch to technologically savvy eReaders.According to a DailyTech article, Amazon has launched its new Kindle Textbook Rental program, a service for students dreading textbook prices.Ferguson, general manager at the Florida Book Store, saw an initial decline when eBooks first came out but said the industry combated that by introducing new rental options. However, with current trends, she sees the eradication of bookstores completely.”I went on vacation in North Carolina and spent a week on the beach,” Ferguson said.”When I looked down the beach, I expected to see people reading books, but everyone was holding an eReader.”

The one benefit Ferguson sees with hardcover textbooks, however, is the convenience to just come into a store when you need a book and not have to worry about arrival time due to prolonged shipping.What online rentals are offering that bookstores don't provide is an adjustable renting period. According to DailyTech, customers can rent a book from Amazon for anywhere from 30 to 360 days. Student only pay for the amountof time they need the book.

Amazon textbook rental doesn't just work for the Kindle, though. After purchasing the book, customers can download it onto any device, including a Kindle, MacBook, PC or mobile device.

In addition, students can highlight and take notes that will still be available on any device from which they wish to access them, according to DailyTech. Students can return the book after the rental period and not have to worry about losing important information.

Although this is new for Amazon, some companies already have this option available. Barnes and Noble has a NOOKstudy application that also allows customers to rent and download eTextbooks. Local Barnes and Noble manager Andy Bielecki said the NOOKstudy also has varying rental periods and the ability to use the book on multiple platforms.Monica Uy, a UF student, has started considering eTextbook rentals after paying more than $500 every semester for books.

“It seems stupid buying, or even renting, a book for a semester,” Uy said.”When you really only need the book for four months, it's cheaper to just get it online.”Having the ability to highlight and take notes makes an online textbook just as convenient as a normal textbook, Uy said. It's the same thing, just without the extra 10 pounds in your backpack.”Plus, eReaders have search options,” Uy said.”When I'm looking for something, I don't even have to flip though the pages. I can just search the words I'm looking for and it's right there.”When it comes to classrooms, however, it is hard to say which is more interactive and which is more repressive. Katherine Casey-Sawicki, an English teacher at Santa Fe College, believes eReaders can both help and hurt productivity.

Teaching ENC 1101 and 1102 online, she has already switched to online reading, saving students from purchasing expensive and heavy textbooks. With texting and Facebook updates in the classroom every day,Casey-Sawicki believes online options can help students be more involved in the readings.”Screens are there,” Casey-Sawicki said,”and anyone who isn't used to it clearly isn't teaching.”At the same time, shefeels that eTextbooks might just be one more way textbook companies make money off students. They might stall the progress toward a more decentralized and inexpensive text choice or even raise prices once the trend picks up speed.

Save on textbooks for school — get your books cheaper online

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Save on textbooks for school — get your books cheaper online!

This price comparison service show the price and availability from over 50 sites and includes textbook rental, used textbook, ebook and international version prics.

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