Last year, college kids spent about three hundred to 5 hundred bucks on textbooks.  According to the managing director of Barnes and Nobles on USM’s campus, Kathleen Hayman, that average has increased by about ten p.c for this college year.  Hayman talks about the varied options for saving money on student textbooks.  “We provide a varity of selections of a technique to get their books, to attempt to help them save money.” For 2 years now the Southern Miss book store has permitted scholars to rent their textbooks rather than purchasing them.  “They pay half the price of the book up front and then bring it back at the end of the semester verses purchasing it and perhaps getting half back at the end.” However there’s one drawback for young students.  “They need to have a Visa card to secure the second half.” The Southern Miss book shop needs scholars to have a Mastercard on file to secure the price of the book.  “That’s in case they do not bring the book back.” By renting a textbook, scholars only pay 1/2 the cost.  “Rental is perhaps the right way to go to save money.” Hayman asserts renting is perhaps the least expensive option for scholars.

“E-book would most likely be your 2nd most cost-effective options for books.” These electronic textbooks are sometimes sixty p.c of the price of the book.  According to Hayman only 3 to 5 % of scholars are purchasing electronic books.  But what about ordering books on the internet.

“There is a savings often if you do go other places online.” But there’s a risk when ordering textbooks from different internet stores.  “If you order it from someplace else online they may not send you the right book.” With today’s technology, Hayman asserts more books come with digital additions.  “I think that that has masses to do with perhaps the expenses of books.” Books range all the way from about ten bucks just about 2 hundred greenbacks.