Handing over hundreds of dollars at the bookstore counter every semester will be an unpleasant experience to say the least. It may be better to start renting those books instead of buying them. Many websites are now offering textbook rentals that allow students to choose from the newest versions of books for a reduced amount of money. This hassle-free and easy option of renting textbooks online will definitely benefit students currently enrolled and those who plan to enter college.

The internet has given birth to one of the most convenient ways for students to obtain textbooks. Renting online is a way for students to save time, effort and money. Being a college student is hard enough, especially when studying for four years or more. Everyday a student needs to be prepared for class and they must be additionally prepared for the responsibility of paying college tuition and fees. Textbooks take precedent over all other materials needed for the learning process. Without textbooks, the chances of passing your classes are nearly zero. Textbooks will also be one of the largest expenses for a college student, with an average yearly cost of about $1200. Buying textbooks is the appropriate action to take on some occasions, but the price tags on new books might make it difficult for some students to obtain them.

Comparison between Renting and Buying

Before deciding whether to rent or to buy, you must first consider various factors such as:

· The Initial Cost – From a financial standpoint, renting textbooks from online stores is cheaper compared to buying a new book. You can save up to 90% on the cost of a brand new book by renting.


*If you need a textbook for the upcoming semester, it will cost at least $100 to purchase it. If you have a full schedule, then that will easily cost you $400-$500 to get all the books you need. But if you chose the online option to rent those books, you may find yourself spending $100-$200 for the exact same books.

· Future Needs Evaluation – One natural and common problem in renting books online is that you might need the book for future references. In this case, you might need to re-rent the book again. Even though some knowledge is retained in your memory for a long period of time, there is still other information that needs to be reviewed consistently in order to stay fresh. The need for a book is understood to vary from person to person, class to class and profession to profession. For students with great memories or no future need for the information, obviously renting those books is the better choice. But for students who know they may need the information at a later in their career, buying the book would be the better decision.

· Convenience – The convenience behind renting is that you don’t have to look over the shelves of the bookstore for the book you need but all you need to do is to spend few clicks online. Renting will as well allow you to choose the best and fresh book online by choosing the company you prefer. You can have various options and select what you want. After that, locate the book by entering the author or the title then select the duration of time you need it. Place the order and wait for the book to arrive. It is just easy as ordering for a product.

Benefits of Renting a Textbook

1. No need to stand in long lines at a bookstore

2. No books to sell at the end of the semester

3. 90% cheaper compared to buying

Consider These Tips

· When renting textbooks online for the coming semester, be sure to rent them ahead of the first week of class. Though the websites have different shipping options, it is best to play it safe and give the books time to make it to you. Everything does not always go as planned.

· When your textbooks first arrive, open the package carefully. Do not rip it open to the point that it cannot be reused. Those books have to be returned and it will make it easier on you to just hold on to original box rather than having to find another at the end of the semester.

These are just few reasons why students should consider renting their textbooks online. The book rental services nowadays are becoming more popular with students at colleges and universities across the US. With textbook prices on the rise, renting is an option that should be explored by all current and future college students.

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