Rent Digital Textbooks For Class Through Google Play

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Textbooks for classes can go for absurd prices (even if you can fit the book in your pocket, it can still easily go for $65). Schools usually try to sell back used books for “lower” prices, and if you’re not there on the first day of class to pick one up: good luck. Now, Google has dipped its hand in the textbook battle, and starting this week, students will be able to buy or rent digital textbooks through Google Play’s Books section. That’s right, your physics book can now be read on your phone. There is also an awesome option to leave notes and highlight text straight from the Google Play Books app.

There’s a huge selection of books you can check out on the Google Play site, so if you know what you need for classes this upcoming year, head over there to check out if they have what you need. Some books are still pretty expensive to buy, but, if you want to rent, Google says as a book renter  you can save up to 80 percent in comparison.

Android users can download the Google Play Books app here, and iOS users can download it here. Participating publishers include Pearson, Macmillan Higher Education, and Random House

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How Rafter Helps Colleges Cut Textbook Costs


Todays guest post is by David F Car. David writes that Rafter textbook rental broker finds niche partnering with public colleges to lower the cost of higher education.

If expensive textbooks perform a part in the rising price of further education, 2 extra villains are typically professors, who allot books without thinking about the price tag ; and varsity bookstores, which stand in the way of change. The way to turn these villains into heroes?  Rafter  Manager  Mehdi Maghsoodnia thinks he’s got the answer.  Rafter works alongside varsities and school bookstores on textbook rental programs and provides a sequence of Web programmes, including one to help faculty adopt the best textbooks while taking factors like price and accessibility into account.  Criticising  professors for alloting costly textbooks is biased, especially with a lack of tools to help them do better, Maghsoodnia related.  “It’s like medication, where the doctor’s inducement is to cure you.

The professor’s motivation is also to complete the job — to teach you.  It’s hard to ask him to also be a pro in the price of distribution and friction in the distribution channel.” Campus bookstores are often cited as an obstruction to breakthroughs like the arrival of free textbooks and other open tutorial resources.  But they have also got a chance to join the revolution by providing, as an example, print-on-demand variations of digitally distributed books.

Rafter is starting to put more focus on handling digital resources, and Sanders asserted he is inquiring into the print-on-demand option. Rafter evolved out of BookRenter, which sells textbook rental services directly to students. That business continues, winning the 2012 College Life Readers’ Choice Awards as the best textbook rental website. The company name was changed to Rafter last year, reflecting a shift to emphasize working through the campus stores.

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Guest Blog on Cheap Textbook Rentals

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Have an opinion about college textbooks and textbook rentals? Love to write?

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YourTeacher Releases Math iBooks Textbooks


Created with iBooks Author, YourTeacher’s Math iBooks Textbooks for iPad Allow Teachers to Flip the Classroom Instantly

YourTeacher, a leading digital publisher, recently announced the release of the world’s first math textbooks for the flipped classroom, available on Apple’s iBookstore.

Created with iBooks Author, YourTeacher’s iBooks textbooks for Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, and Geometry allow math teachers to flip the classroom instantly. Each book features hundreds of whiteboard videos, thousands of practice problems with complete step-by-step audio explanations, hundreds of interactive multiple-choice self-tests, and much more.

According to Jill Stringer , one of the many teachers piloting YourTeacher’s iBooks textbooks this year, “The books are being used to facilitate a flipped teaching classroom. The students are asked to watch the examples for the lesson outside of class, and then answer the self-test questions on their iPads. The next day, instead of having to teach the lesson, we reinforce the concept with some type of class discussion and activity. My students prefer it to the standard textbook and we have had really good success with it. The examples are very good and my students are doing well! We presented it to our school board and they are very supportive and excited about it.”

YourTeacher is in a unique position to become a key player in the flipped classroom movement. Over the past 12 years, the company has delivered a vast library of online math lessons to millions of students through its subscription website, its YouTube channel, its partnership with SylvanLearning, and its complete line of math apps. Now, all of this content and expertise has been brought to bear in the development of its initial line of math iBooks textbooks for the flipped classroom.

“The flipped classroom movement is taking off,” states Mike Maggart , co-Founder and Director of Education for YourTeacher. “However, it’s a huge amount of work for teachers to put together all the materials they need for a flipped classroom. Our solution is a ‘turnkey’ approach, where all of the content that a math teacher needs for a flipped classroom is built right into the book.”

YourTeacher’s iBooks textbooks for Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, and Geometry are now available at Apple’s iBookstore,

About YourTeacher is a leading digital publisher specializing in middle school, high school and college level math. Our subscription website,, together with our extensive line of math apps, have provided millions of students with math tutoring, standardized test prep, and homeschooling.  YourTeacher is also revolutionizing the textbook industry with our patent-pending math iBooks textbooks for the flipped classroom.

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College Students To Rent Out Textbooks

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A new online service, RentBack, launched today targeted towards helping scholars earn money by hiring out their textbooks to other scholars.

The new service–run by CampusBookRentals, an internet supplier of varsity textbook rentals based in Provo Utah–lets users hire out their books to other scholars, receiving money, check, or credit toward future rentals.  CampusBookRentals expounded that scholars can use the service to hire out their books to other scholars, handled by CampusBookRentals, which may pay scholars each time their books are leased out and in circulation.  CampusBookRentals didn’t say what quantity of the rental charge will return to scholars, but did say those scholars may continue to receive payments for so long as those titles are in heavy demand.

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