Did you know that even during the last few years of recession in the United States college textbooks increased in price by about 25%? Because of this more and more people are seeking alternative means of finding those high-priced textbooks for a bargain. Many people are looking into college textbook rentals.

There are numerous textbook rental places online which offer discounts for renting textbooks. Many of these sites claim to result in savings of as much as 90% from what book stores charge for the same textbook. However, the amount of savings is very much dependent upon which textbooks you are renting and how long you will need to rent those books.

Medical textbooks and legal textbooks tend to be among the highest priced books to purchase or rent. If you shop around when looking into college textbook rentals, you’ll be able to find deals even on these types of texts.

The vast majority of the textbook rental companies charge a rental fee based on the length of time you want the book. Most of the time your options are for 30 days, 45 days, 60 days, one quarter, or one semester. The cheapest rental fee is for 30 days, but most students will need the textbook for a full semester.

Remember, the actual cost of the rental is dependent upon the purchase price of a new textbook so it varies from book to book. The vast majority of college textbook rentals seem to run around the $50 dollar mark until you get into graduate level texts which tend to be a little pricier — probably because there’s a smaller group of people needing these books.

Something else to look into with college textbook rentals is the cost of shipping and handling. Some of the rental companies will offer a discount when you place a large order. In this case, you and some friends might want to consider ordering all of your books from the same company together to take advantage of this opportunity.

Additionally, some of the companies have free return shipping and handling for larger orders or for orders returned prior to the due date. Most of the companies will ask you to return the books in the original box so you’ll want to hang onto that.

If you do decide to go with a company that does not provide free shipping and handling on returns, remember that the post office and UPS offer a media mail which is a lot cheaper than regular mail. Media mail is available only when shipping books or other papers.

You can definitely save money by renting your textbooks online. How much you save is dependent upon your area of study and which college textbook rentals company you opt to use.

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