Every college student is looking for various ways to save money. To purchase textbooks, it can cost hundreds of dollars each semester for a book that you probably will not need once that class is completed. Unfortunately for me, I did not have the option to rent textbooks online when I went to college and I in turn missed out on a potentially huge savings and benefit.

Not only is the savings a key point, but also the convenience of shopping at home and not having to stand in lines at the bookstore after searching the store for the books you need. In a tough economy, every student should look for ways to save every dollar while still getting every textbook they need at a great savings. Online textbook rental is a very simple process, simply browse through the site and locate the books you need. Shipping and handling charges are often free and books can be delivered right to your home. Many companies also offer free return shipping once you have finished with the book.

Of course there is the occasion when you really like a certain textbook that is filled with tons of useful information that you would prefer not to have to return. If you decide you wish to keep one, or all of the books, many companies provide the option to purchase rather than return it. I know I have several books that I found valuable to keep, but for the most part, I have many textbooks in my bookshelf just taking up space and collecting dust. If I would have had the opportunity to rent textbooks rather than purchase them, I certainly would have.

I recently assisted a family member of mine in researching some of the websites that offer this service and I would like to share with you what I found out about various options that you have. Please visit my blog: http://my-favorite-reviews.blogspot.com for my recommendations.