Facts About Chegg Textbook Rentals

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Just read Martin Rojas’ post on renting textbooks at Chegg. Good article on textbook renting but not many comments. I would be interested to hear what others have to say. My comment was:

Rental is a great way to save money up front.  Buying a used textbook and selling it back may be ultimately cheaper but also has risks if the resale price  drops. I always use a price comparison service to compare rental rates and used rates.

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Cheap textbooks easy to find

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Saw this article by LAUREN IRWIN  on tips to find cheap textbooks in The Maroon and thought she made some good points. What do you think?

Do not let textbook costs become the wet blanket to your new semester excitement. There are numerous tactics that allow scholars to save cash on textbooks from purchasing used or selecting an ebook to looking comparison internet sites or using renting services.  According to  University  Board, the average undergraduate student at a personal varsity spent $1,213 on books and supplies in the 2011-12 college year.  “I’m on a budget,” Caroline Hoffmann, history senior, declared.  “I’d rather spend a day scouring the  Net  so as to find inexpensive textbooks than the convenience and high costs of the bookstore.” That day-long search would possibly not be obligatory with new research tools.  As of 2008, schools are needed by The Further Education Opportunity Act to list textbooks’ ISBNs in course lists, giving scholars advance notice of texts’ costs and permitting them to research prices for a superior deal.  With public access to ISBNs, strong online textbook shopping has ensued.  Many comparison sites ,eg half.com and BigWords.com, have grown in popularity, making online textbook shopping even simpler.  Some students have even taken action ,eg Michael White, previous Tufts  Varsity  undergraduate student and founder of comparison internet site GetchaBooks.com.  “We were provoked with bookstore costs and seeing our buddies get ripped off,” White recounted.  “We made GetchaBooks to keep finding textbooks simple and cheap, collecting ISBNs from universities across the land and costs from trusted online book sellers like Amazon and Half.com.” The comparison format speaks for itself. Let us take the World Civilization to 1650 text “Worlds Together, Worlds Apart” for example : it’s priced around the Loyola bookstore new for $148.50 and used for $111.50, but GetchaBooks shows the same edition can be bought for $70.52 at Half.com, $85.99 on Amazon and $70.61 on Amazon  Market-place .

White means that scholars use comparison sites to buy used books but to also find the best place and time to sell back.  Scholars  can regularly make more cash on a text if they sell them online right before the start of the semester, instead of at the end.  “I buy all my textbooks on Ebay or Amazon because its so much cheaper,” finance senior Crystal Locicero declared.

“I sell them on Ebay and make a descent amount back, but it is often a two-week process.” For those strapped for cash and time, renting textbooks could be a great option.  Scholars  can even window shop for rental costs, comparing eFollet rentals to online rentals, on sites like Chegg.com.  Chegg, commonly referred to as the Netflix of textbooks, saves scholars cash while removing the load of selling back or holding onto texts.

As an example, the same “Worlds Together, World Apart” text can be rented new at the Loyola bookstore for $96.53 and used for $71.28, but may also be rented for as little as $41.48 on Chegg.  “Most of my pals use Chegg it is an extremely cheap and simple service,” enterprize management senior Ali Burdig declared.

“They even give you a box to send it back in.” However before renting ensure you understand the renting agreement.

The result to using Loyola bookstore renting services is that they are in harmony with the end of Loyola’s semester.  “I like rentals –the bookstore allows you to keep the book till after finals and are typically new copies,” Hoffman declared. Don’t really want to hire or buy?  For those cosy sans physical textbooks, using electronic books may become the new best alternative.  Scholars  could even be capable of finding electronic books free online on sites like Flat World  Data  and Textbook Revolution.  Today, even a straightforward Google search with the text’s title and “PDF” may produce a free online copy.  White advises to save cash scholars should not buy their textbooks far ahead.  “Go to class the 1st week or 2 and judge how much you might need a text before purchasing it,” White related.  “If you are not going to want it that much, it’s always possible to share a copy with a classmate or borrow it from the library.

Stop Being a Starving Student With Textbook Rentals – 3 Companies That Have Cheap College Textbooks

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If you’re a college student, or a parent in this day and age, you undoubtedly know that one of the most flabbergasting expenses other than the cost of room and board is most often the cost of the required textbooks that go along with the territory. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Textbook rentals are the wave of the future, and here are three companies that are at the forefront of the innovation.

Campus Book Rentals
Arguably the best company around when it comes to customer service relating to textbook rentals, and any problems or questions that may be associated with any problems or procedures. They have a good selection of books available at great prices, the books get to you quickly and the rental terms are flexible.

One of the big boys in the textbook rental world, but this comes with pros and cons. They have competitive prices (usually) but they tend to lack on the customer service side, and the condition of their books is iffy at times.

College Book Renter
Very similar to Campus Book Rentals in structure and pricing, and in general has a better presentation than Chegg. Their website states that it is possible to save quite a substantial chunk of change by using them, and it also lays out the benefits of textbook rental in a very down to earth way.

I have personal experience with two of these three companies, and indirect experience with the third. In spite of their individual differences, and other competitors which are not listed here, they all have the potential to save you (or your family) a good chunk of change, and in the end you won’t have to worry about abysmal buy back rates, or depreciating book values.

College textbook rentals really are the wave of the future, and a wave which everyone needs to be riding given the state of the economy today. Starving students strive for some degree of frugality wherever they can find it, and effectively participating in the recycling of textbooks is an emerging form of frugality at its finest.


Rent Textbooks Online to Save Money

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With the increasing of education costs, many students are facing tight budget for their college degree studies, especially the students who did not get a scholarship and have to fund their education fees with their own money. If you are one of these students, then rent your textbooks instead of buying them will help you financially.

Many students spend hundreds of dollars a semester on buying textbooks that are required by their courses, but after the semester end, they don’t need the books anymore and these books will end up being sold back to the bookstore as the used books at a fraction of the original price.

One alternative to save the money uses to buy the brand new textbooks is simply rent the textbooks from any of textbooks renting service. Ever better, you can rent the book from online textbook renting websites easily from your computer and the books rented will be delivered to your door by mail. Most often, the rented books will be attached with the return labels, which enable you to send back the book with free shipping. Just in case you need to extend the renting period, you can make a request to extend 15 or 30 days added or another quarter/summer/semester period.

There are many textbooks rental programs offered online, which you can rent the textbooks required for your study. Here are the three common resources where you can find the required textbooks and rent them at a low price. If you still want to own them, you could also buy them at a fraction of the cost.

1. Chegg.com

Chegg.com is one of the biggest internet textbook renting sites. You can find most of textbooks used at the colleges. The site contributes in forest saving activities; every book you rent from Chegg.com, they plant a tree through American Forests. You are allowed to highlight the important points at the rented textbooks, but you are prohibited from writing on the books.

2. Bookrenter.com

Bookrenter.com has been recognized as the first and the best online book rental company. It provides a flexible rental period and hassle-free renting and return process, which can be done online with intuitive interface offer unparalleled convenience. They don’t allow you to highlight or write on their books.

3. The School’s Bookstore

Your school’s bookstore may have textbook renting service. Check it out. The benefits of renting textbook from your school’s bookstore are most of textbooks used by school can be found, you can instant get the book and you have a chance to check the condition of the books before renting them.


The expenses needed for buying textbook may involve a substantial portion of your education budget. One alternative to save same money from buying textbooks is simply rent them. You may not need the books after the semester end, but if you really want to keep the rented books for future reference, you can buy them at a fraction of cost.

Amelia Turner, an educational article writer focusing on online education. Visit Amelia at http://www.your-online-degree.info to find out more details information and free resources about the Best College Degrees, financial aids and other accredited online education options that can help you to make decision to earn your degree online.


Is It Better To Buy Or Rent Textbooks?

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Renting textbooks has grown in popularity, but is it really the best bang for your buck? College students are always looking to save money, and buying textbooks for the fall and spring semesters is no exception. Textbooks cost college students a lot of money every year, and students are now looking to save money by renting them. Is it really the cost saving measure that everyone says it is? I have laid out a few examples to give students a clearer picture of how to save money on textbooks:

Textbook that a student needs for their semester:
Business by William M. Pride

If that student decides to rent Business by William M. Pride from Chegg.com they will be charged $60.49. They will also need to ship it back to Chegg by a certain date to avoid any fees charged to their account.

Now if that same student decides to buy a used copy of Business by William M. Pride from Amazon.com, they will have to pay about $90.00 plus $3.99 in shipping. This looks like it would cost the student more, but they can resell the book to MyBookCart.com for $41.30. The total spent by the student would be $52.69.

In this scenario, the student saves $7.8 by buying used and then reselling it instead of renting the textbook. This doesn’t include the money saved by avoiding late fees or any other fees charged by Chegg.com

Textbook that a student needs for their semester:
Accounting, Chapters 1-23, by Charles T. Horngren, 8th Edition

If that student decides to rent Accounting, Chapters 1-23 from Chegg.com, they will be charged $56.99. They will also need to ship it back to Chegg by a certain date to avoid any fees charged to their account.

Now if that same student decides to buy a used copy of Accounting, Chapters 1-23 from Amazon.com, they will have to pay about $75.00 plus $3.99 in shipping. This looks like it would cost the student more, but they can resell the book to MyBookCart.com for $34.25. The total spent by the student would be $44.74.

In this scenario, the student saves $12.25 by buying used and then reselling it instead of renting the textbook. This doesn’t include the money saved by avoiding late fees or any other fees charged by Chegg.com.

Textbook that a student needs for their semester:
Biology: Concepts and Connections, Eighth Ed. by Neil A. Campbell

If that student decides to rent Biology: Concepts and Connections from Chegg.com, they will be charged $53.99. They will also need to ship it back by its due date to Chegg to avoid any fees charged to their account.

Now if that same student decides to buy a used copy of Biology: Concepts and Connections from Amazon.com, they will have to pay about $75.00 plus $3.99 in shipping. This looks like it would cost the student more, but they can resell the book to MyBookCart.com for $34.25. The total spent by the student would be $44.74.

In this scenario, the student saves $9.25 by buying used and then reselling it instead of renting the textbook. This doesn’t include the money saved by avoiding late fees or any other fees charged by Chegg.com.

The best way for a student to save money on textbooks is to buy them used from Amazon’s Used Marketplace and then reselling the textbook to buyback companies such as MyBookCart.com. This way, the student saves more money than renting the book. There are no time frames or late fees students have to worry about at the end of each semester.

The author also writes the blog “College and Such”.


Best Textbook Rental Sites – Price Compare for the Cheapest Books

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Aside from expensive college tuition, textbooks are the next most expensive thing that you need to save for in college. Textbook prices increase annually on an average of 6%. If you are spending about a thousand dollars per year for textbook, you will definitely go bankrupt by the time you graduate just on textbooks alone. Unless you come from a wealthy family, you will not be able to survive college with the rising prices on almost everything you need.

The good news is that there is a solution to the problem of high textbook prices. That answer is textbook rental sites. Textbook rental sites are websites that allow college students rent the books they need on an agreed period of time. These sites are built to make it easier for students to browse through their large selection of textbooks and rent them at the convenience of their home or dorm for that matter. The tricky part is finding the best textbook rental sites that will offer the biggest discount for you to save more. It will take a great deal of research to find the best ones but here is a simple comparison from the best textbook rental sites available for everyone.

The top 3 rental sites are Chegg.com, CampusBookRentals.com and BookRenter.com. Let us compare the price for Basic College Mathematics by Marvin L. Bittinger. Chegg.com had it priced at $43.99 for one semester, CampusBookRentals at $45.35 for 130 days or 1 semester and BookRenters.com at $59.13 for 125 days or 1 semester. Comparing the three best textbook rental sites, you will find a small price difference for Chegg.com and CampusBookRentals.com. However, if you look at their websites, you will find that CampusBookRentals offer 2 way free shipping as against Chegg’s one way free shipping only. Over at BookRenter.com, they also offer free shipping for books rented over $100 which is good if you will be renting more than 1 book per transaction. Also, if you apply the discount coupon code upon check out, prices may differ from the published rates.

You would need to get the biggest textbook discount coupon code if possible to get more savings on these books. Aside from comparing the prices of textbooks from the best textbook rental sites, you also need to take into consideration the shipping value and policy of each site. As mentioned above, CampusBookRentals offer 2 way free shipping. However, you need to check if they do ship books on time or do you have to do constant follow up. Another thing you have to consider is the quality of the books. If for example one rental sites offers a book cheaper than the competitors, you need to ask the condition of their books. If they allow highlighting and notetaking on their books, chances are you will be getting one with all the annoying notes and highlights that comes with the book. Basically, it all boils down to great prices, great customer service and the quality of books rented out.

There is one thing that can really be a game changer, textbook coupon codes. With an updated coupon you can drastically change the total cost of your books and find the lowest possible price. It’s a simple step that can save you a ton of cash.


Textbook Rental Comparison – How To Compare The Top Textbook Rental Sites

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With the high cost of buying textbooks, most college students turn to textbook rental companies to save on their minimal fund. Textbook rental sites have ballooned over the years and each one offers great deals to entice college students. There are several factors that you have to look for when doing textbook rental comparison. Registration cost, shipping cost, rental periods and book selection should be your priority. Most of the top players in the textbook rental industry only differ slightly when it comes to these important factors. It will be up to you to do a little more research by asking fellow college students regarding their experiences with the top textbook rental sites.

Doing a textbook rental comparison is easy if you know where to look for them. Just by typing top textbook rental sites on your search engine will yield thousands of results but there are only a few sites that are often mentioned and recommended. They are CampusBookRentals.com, Chegg.com, BookRenter.com and eCampus.com. These 4 are the top choice of most college students because of their good track record and cheap rental fees.

Signing up to register is free for all of these sites. For shipping, only CampusBookRentals.com offer 2 way shipping, meaning, they will ship it to you for free and you can ship them back after the rental period is up for free too. The other three only offers one way free shipping. That is when you return them after use. Rental periods also differ for each rental site. CampusBookRentals offers 130, 85 and 55 days; eCampus have 130, 90 and 60 days; Chegg offers 125, 85 and 60 days and BookRenter have 125, 90, 45 and 30 days offering. Your choice would depend on how long you need the book in your possession. The number of books available on all sites vary. Chegg has the best reviews for book selection. A large selection of books will make it easier for the students to rent them from one site. This is a plus factor for these rental sites. Prices for the books differs. It is up to you to check out each site and compare their prices. If the rental price is your priority, then all other factors will just be secondary to the price. Getting from different sites is also a good thing to do as long as you eventually end up saving more.

Another factor that you have to consider is the physical condition of the book. Some of these textbook rental sites limits highlighting and note taking on the book itself. This is better for you so you can read them better. Too much highlighting and notes will only confuse you when you are studying. Most sites charge fees for books that are damaged, with missing pages, excessive highlighting or anything that would make it unsuitable for other renters. It is wise to check your rented book as soon as it arrives. You wouldn’t want the damages be charged to you even if you were not responsible for them. Now you know what to check, a quick comparison will be easy for you.


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