College textbook rental is becoming a popular, affordable alternative to a college student’s traditional purchasing of textbooks. There have been an increasing number of websites online that allow a person to simply rent their semester’s books online and return them when they are finished.

After locating a textbook rental website, the college student will use the site’s search engine to locate the books they are looking for. Upon locating the book, the student will be allowed to choose from several different rental periods. These time periods can range from thirty days to six months. A student will be required to establish an account with the rental website. He or she will be required to enter their personal information and to review their personal and financial information before the textbooks will be shipped to them. A receipt will be furnished to the student for their records, and most websites will send a second copy of the receipt to their email account. The overall process is rather simple.

When a student is ready to get the books they have obtained through textbook rental, they will be required to log back on to the rental website. Then, they will choose the textbooks they wish to return. The website will generate a return pack list and shipping label for the student to print off. The shipping label should be affixed to the package the books are being returned in. It is important to ensure that the packing slip is enclosed in the package.

Then the package is simply placed in the mail and sent to the website’s headquarters. The cost of purchasing textbooks that are only going to be used for one or two semesters can be quite exorbitant. Fortunately, there are companies who are seeking more affordable methods for students to acquire the materials they need for their college education. If a student is unable to purchase the books they need, then textbook rental may be an ideal alternative for the student. On average, a student can save upwards of 50% of the cost of purchasing their books through college textbook rental. Such websites usually also offer reasonable prices on gently used textbooks for purchase as well.

College textbook rental is a viable budget friendly option for cash strapped college students. This option should be consider when you only need the books for a short time and do not plan to keep the books