We humans are a lazy bunch by nature. We want things faster, quicker, easier. From the dawn of the industrial revolution all the way up to the era of technology and the internet, we have strived to make our lives easy.

That being the case, companies have responded to our lazy nature by providing us with the easiest routes to our desires that they can possibly give. We can have groceries delivered right to our door. We can pay our bills online. We can even achieve our dreams of getting a college degree online. We can rent college books online too.

Not long ago, we would have to stroll into the campus bookstore to find our books (at exorbitant prices, mind you!). Then up popped websites that allowed us to order them and have them delivered (still not the cheapest thing in the world!). Then businesses got wise and started offering used books for sale at a discount. Awesome! They’re getting better, but…

The problem is that you never know if you are getting the best price. Granted, it’s pretty easy to sit down at a computer with your favorite beverage and do endless searches online to find the best price you can for what you need. But wouldn’t ya know it – someone has found a way to make an easy task even easier.

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