While there is no way to sidestep the ever-increasing tuition fees- there’s a workaround to escape the necessary but burdening expenses of your needed college textbooks. The internet has come to your rescue and has proven itself to be useful to most struggling college students when it comes to saving money on textbooks. One of the hottest Internet textbook programs is textbook rental.

Is textbook rental for you? Here are the top reasons why you should consider textbook rental:

Cost – yes, you read that right. Contrary to popular belief, renting out college textbooks aren’t as expensive as buying a new one and are many times cheaper than buying a used version. And the difference is so big you’d be surprised you never thought about it before- how does a quarter of the original price sound to you?

Convenience – if you don’t have the luxury of time to go out and stand in line at the college bookstore to buy a new book, then renting online textbooks is your best bet. All you need is a internet connection, a few bucks on hand. Then just sit back and wait as your book is being delivered straight to your door.

Environment – there are many things that make up a book, but majority of it come from nature. And any level headed student knows that the less demand there are for physical textbooks, the more trees will be saved and you’ll be one of them unsung heroes of this generation.

Return and Refund Policy – when you buy an expensive item, immediately, you’d feel that twinge of concern. What if I ordered the wrong book, or I drop the class, or the Professor changes the book list… Most textbook rental companies offer a return policy that could just save your bacon.

Obsolescence – Don’t get stuck with an old Edition. So what if the next class is using a new Edition, You just return your rental with no worry. When you rent an expensive textbook you do not have to worry to sell it when you’re done with it, you save yourself an even greater deal of peace. Textbook rental is the way to go. These online textbooks might just be everything you need to survive.