By Jules Mariano

Expert Author Jules Mariano

In the past, only libraries offer textbooks to be rented out to students. However, libraries will only allow books to be rented for a certain amount of time. With the rising prices of textbooks nowadays, renting textbooks is becoming a more popular and cheaper option for students who wish to save money on books.

How would you know if renting textbooks is the best option for you?

First of all, consider renting books if the books are of subjects that are always being updated, for example, in the fields of IT, or Business and the Sciences. It makes no sense purchasing new books if that book will be outdated in a year or two. If you are taking subjects in these fields, it’s wiser to rent a book than buy one.

Another good reason to rent textbooks is a lack of space. Let’s face it, textbooks are big and take up space. If you are to keep textbooks, keep the ones that you will use in the future. Therefore, invest only in textbooks that are: not outdated easily and will be useful even as just reference material down the road. Otherwise, buying textbooks is simply a waste of money, and space. Specifically for students who move to university, or move away afterwards, keeping textbooks is simply not an option.

Of course, one must consider the cost. Renting textbooks cost about 50% of new books, and it simply just more economical than buying new textbooks. If you are looking to just have the books needed every semester, why bother spending more money, now that there are options to just rent textbooks for a semester?

With websites nowadays offering textbooks for rent, this option is even easier and simpler than browsing through used bookstores for cheaper options.

If you do decide to rent textbooks, just remember a few things:

  1. Read the guidelines perfectly. Renting textbooks might be cheaper, but only if you do not incur any penalties. Make sure to keep your rented books in perfect condition, and returned on the date stated. Read for any other conditions you need to follow.
  2. If you are renting instead of buying, be sure to look early enough. This is to make sure that you can still find the books you need, and that you have enough time to wait for your rented book to arrive.

Nowadays, it truly makes the most sense to rent textbooks compared to buying new or used ones. You only need to make sure that you are able to take good care of your rented textbook, and you are on your way to saving a lot of money.

Jules Mariano is a freelance search engine & social media marketing specialist. He is the co-founder of VPRO Digital Marketing. He currently writes for is a social platform where students, instructors, and student interest groups can work together to reduce cost of textbooks and education in general. Visit their site to learn more about how renting textbooks can save you more money in college.