Best Textbook Rental Sites – Price Compare for the Cheapest Books

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Aside from expensive college tuition, textbooks are the next most expensive thing that you need to save for in college. Textbook prices increase annually on an average of 6%. If you are spending about a thousand dollars per year for textbook, you will definitely go bankrupt by the time you graduate just on textbooks alone. Unless you come from a wealthy family, you will not be able to survive college with the rising prices on almost everything you need.

The good news is that there is a solution to the problem of high textbook prices. That answer is textbook rental sites. Textbook rental sites are websites that allow college students rent the books they need on an agreed period of time. These sites are built to make it easier for students to browse through their large selection of textbooks and rent them at the convenience of their home or dorm for that matter. The tricky part is finding the best textbook rental sites that will offer the biggest discount for you to save more. It will take a great deal of research to find the best ones but here is a simple comparison from the best textbook rental sites available for everyone.

The top 3 rental sites are, and Let us compare the price for Basic College Mathematics by Marvin L. Bittinger. had it priced at $43.99 for one semester, CampusBookRentals at $45.35 for 130 days or 1 semester and at $59.13 for 125 days or 1 semester. Comparing the three best textbook rental sites, you will find a small price difference for and However, if you look at their websites, you will find that CampusBookRentals offer 2 way free shipping as against Chegg’s one way free shipping only. Over at, they also offer free shipping for books rented over $100 which is good if you will be renting more than 1 book per transaction. Also, if you apply the discount coupon code upon check out, prices may differ from the published rates.

You would need to get the biggest textbook discount coupon code if possible to get more savings on these books. Aside from comparing the prices of textbooks from the best textbook rental sites, you also need to take into consideration the shipping value and policy of each site. As mentioned above, CampusBookRentals offer 2 way free shipping. However, you need to check if they do ship books on time or do you have to do constant follow up. Another thing you have to consider is the quality of the books. If for example one rental sites offers a book cheaper than the competitors, you need to ask the condition of their books. If they allow highlighting and notetaking on their books, chances are you will be getting one with all the annoying notes and highlights that comes with the book. Basically, it all boils down to great prices, great customer service and the quality of books rented out.

There is one thing that can really be a game changer, textbook coupon codes. With an updated coupon you can drastically change the total cost of your books and find the lowest possible price. It’s a simple step that can save you a ton of cash.



Textbook Rental Comparison – How To Compare The Top Textbook Rental Sites

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With the high cost of buying textbooks, most college students turn to textbook rental companies to save on their minimal fund. Textbook rental sites have ballooned over the years and each one offers great deals to entice college students. There are several factors that you have to look for when doing textbook rental comparison. Registration cost, shipping cost, rental periods and book selection should be your priority. Most of the top players in the textbook rental industry only differ slightly when it comes to these important factors. It will be up to you to do a little more research by asking fellow college students regarding their experiences with the top textbook rental sites.

Doing a textbook rental comparison is easy if you know where to look for them. Just by typing top textbook rental sites on your search engine will yield thousands of results but there are only a few sites that are often mentioned and recommended. They are,, and These 4 are the top choice of most college students because of their good track record and cheap rental fees.

Signing up to register is free for all of these sites. For shipping, only offer 2 way shipping, meaning, they will ship it to you for free and you can ship them back after the rental period is up for free too. The other three only offers one way free shipping. That is when you return them after use. Rental periods also differ for each rental site. CampusBookRentals offers 130, 85 and 55 days; eCampus have 130, 90 and 60 days; Chegg offers 125, 85 and 60 days and BookRenter have 125, 90, 45 and 30 days offering. Your choice would depend on how long you need the book in your possession. The number of books available on all sites vary. Chegg has the best reviews for book selection. A large selection of books will make it easier for the students to rent them from one site. This is a plus factor for these rental sites. Prices for the books differs. It is up to you to check out each site and compare their prices. If the rental price is your priority, then all other factors will just be secondary to the price. Getting from different sites is also a good thing to do as long as you eventually end up saving more.

Another factor that you have to consider is the physical condition of the book. Some of these textbook rental sites limits highlighting and note taking on the book itself. This is better for you so you can read them better. Too much highlighting and notes will only confuse you when you are studying. Most sites charge fees for books that are damaged, with missing pages, excessive highlighting or anything that would make it unsuitable for other renters. It is wise to check your rented book as soon as it arrives. You wouldn’t want the damages be charged to you even if you were not responsible for them. Now you know what to check, a quick comparison will be easy for you.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Textbook Rental

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Thinking of buying the required textbooks in college? Wait! Don’t do that just yet. There are ways to save on college textbooks. You don’t need to shell out as much as a thousand a year for your textbooks. You can save by renting from textbook rental sites that are getting more popular as new textbook prices increases over the years. Textbook rental can be done by just logging on to textbook rental sites and picking the books you need for your subjects. These books will be ship to you and you can return them after the rental period.

Here are the advantages of textbook rental:

1. You save money – This is the number one factor when deciding whether to buy or rent college textbooks. It has been proven that you can really save by renting. Depending on the textbook rental site you choose, you can save up to 85% by renting rather than buying. This would help you stretch your budget by leaps and bounds. If you have extra time, you can scour the net to get discount coupon codes to get further discounts or more perks when renting. Taking the time to do your research and looking for the best sites can save you the most money.

2. You save time – Buying online can help you save time and energy. You need not go visit several bookstores to complete your college textbook requirement. You only need to browse through the large selection of books that textbook rental sites offer, choose the ones you need, checkout, type in your discount coupon code and rent. It is easy to do and you can do it in the littlest time possible at the comfort of your home. By doing so, you also save transportation and gasoline cost.

3. You save trees and the environment – Using rented textbooks will decrease the amount of paper use thus saving the trees and the environment. This is important today as we now live in a country where each person contributes and tries hard to be eco-friendly. You can save thousands of trees by renting textbooks rather than buying new ones.

4. You help the community – You may wonder how you can help the community by renting textbook. If you look closely at the different textbook rental sites, you will notice that most of them offer to help the community every time you rent from them. Some of the programs include planting a tree for each textbook rental and donation to partner organizations.

Disadvantage of Textbook Rental:

With textbook rental, advantages outweighs the disadvantages. There is only one disadvantage – you will not be able to use them as a reference book once you’re rental period is up and you have returned them to the rental site. Another which is not really a disadvantage but can be a problem is when you don’t return the books on time. This can cause you your savings since you have to pay for the book extension. So, better make sure to follow the rental procedure to get most of your savings.

By Jacob King

Best Textbook Rental Sites for The Lowest Priced Books

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The great debate as to which are the best textbook rental sites when it comes to the lowest priced books has been heating up in recent years. Here we weigh the best options available to most people, and focus only on the big players as it is these that have emerged in recent years as the core contenders when it comes to providing the best service for the average consumer. We will examine BookRenter, CampusBookRentals, and Chegg. We will then add up the scores and tell you which option is the best so that you can begin to find the best prices right away and with minimal ease. Here are our considerations:

Book Renter
Pretty solid when it comes to book availability and our searches were usually quite successfully so no problems there. They have a good refund policy, but do not offer insurance which is a kind of half good, half bad situation. You can buy and sell on the site which is neat for those looking to do more than just rent. Late fees are a little steep, but their return fee is free, which is good. Shipping times are decent enough, and the loan period is also rock solid. There is no monthly fee.

Has fewer books than the other two, is a little bit pricey, and offers no insurance either. You cannot sell books, but you can buy the ones you rent. The late fees are a bit confusing, but you can also return books for free, but all three offer this as standard (since it works in their favour anyway). No monthly fee and shipping is OK. Not a bad place.

This is our best choice when it comes to the top textbook rental sites. It has the most books available by a pretty decent margin. Unlike the other two sites it actually offers insurance, which is important for any postal based rental service- especially an online one. Its refund policy is by far the most comprehensive of the three, perhaps because the site is so well established. The selling and buying options are pretty clear and to the point, which is a welcome bonus. There are no late fees and this alone separates the side immensely from the others. As per the norm there is no return shipping cost at the end of your rental period. Shipping time and costs are both rock solid and dependable.

Wrapping Up
Weighing up all these options, it is clear that our winner has to be the well established and immensely popular website called Chegg, which has been making leaps and bounds in the market in recent years, and is clearly the main innovator among the big three currently operating in the market. It is unlikely that there will be any serious challenges to this dominance until the rest wake up to Chegg’s popular mix of keeping things simple, direct, and efficient. Hence our choice among the best textbook rental sites has to be Chegg.

Is it really that easy to save money on textbooks? YES! Just use the sites listed above to compare prices and shipping to find the best deal available. I have always had success between BookRenter and Chegg but there are always competing sites popping up.

By Jacob King 

CampusBookRentals vs. Chegg & Bookrenter | Textbook Rentals Review

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CampusBookRentals vs. Chegg & Bookrenter | Textbook Rentals Review.

Textbook Rental Firm Chegg Raises $75 Million More | paidContent

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Already heavily-backed textbook rental firm Chegg has added another $75 million. The company’s service, which lets students rent textbooks so they don’t have to buy them, has gained a big following on college campuses. One outside estimate puts the company’s sales this year at $130 million, up from $25 million in 2009. That growth has forced the two top college bookstore operators in the U.S., Barnes & Noble (NYSE: BKS) and Follett Higher Education Group, to launch their own competing textbook rental services.

Chegg most recently raised $112 million in debt and equity funding round last fall. This investment—which comes from a Hong Kong-based investment firm called Ace Limited, according to a report in AllThingsD, brings Chegg’s total funding to more than $200 million.

Chegg is led by former Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) COO Dan Rosensweig, who the company hired away from Activision (NSDQ: ATVI) last year.

Textbook Rental Firm Chegg Raises $75 Million More | paidContent.

Save money: Rent your textbooks instead – The Anchor – News

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Each semester, college students across the country spend hundreds of dollars for classroom textbooks that are only useful for those four months. The discouraging pattern is common at every school, private and state schools included. There is a smarter way to acquire the necessary textbooks, but the books must be kept in good condition and returned after use.

Renting textbooks is the latest phenomenon sweeping colleges across the nation. It is an alternative to buying costly textbooks at local bookstores.

At Rhode Island College, book renting is available online through the Web site, which caters to 260 colleges across the nation. The book is ordered at the beginning of the semester, and it must be returned once the class is completed.

The process is simple and it saves students a substantial amount of money.

The amount varies according to the textbook, but it is usually significant. For example, one college text is “Thinking Mathematically” by Robert Blitzer, a required text book for Math 139. The 2010 edition costs $140.75, which can be more than a college student’s weekly paycheck. However, renting the same exact book on Bookrenter will only cost $61.35, saving a student $79.

read more: Save money: Rent your textbooks instead – The Anchor – News.

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