If you’re a college student, or a parent in this day and age, you undoubtedly know that one of the most flabbergasting expenses other than the cost of room and board is most often the cost of the required textbooks that go along with the territory. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Textbook rentals are the wave of the future, and here are three companies that are at the forefront of the innovation.

Campus Book Rentals
Arguably the best company around when it comes to customer service relating to textbook rentals, and any problems or questions that may be associated with any problems or procedures. They have a good selection of books available at great prices, the books get to you quickly and the rental terms are flexible.

One of the big boys in the textbook rental world, but this comes with pros and cons. They have competitive prices (usually) but they tend to lack on the customer service side, and the condition of their books is iffy at times.

College Book Renter
Very similar to Campus Book Rentals in structure and pricing, and in general has a better presentation than Chegg. Their website states that it is possible to save quite a substantial chunk of change by using them, and it also lays out the benefits of textbook rental in a very down to earth way.

I have personal experience with two of these three companies, and indirect experience with the third. In spite of their individual differences, and other competitors which are not listed here, they all have the potential to save you (or your family) a good chunk of change, and in the end you won’t have to worry about abysmal buy back rates, or depreciating book values.

College textbook rentals really are the wave of the future, and a wave which everyone needs to be riding given the state of the economy today. Starving students strive for some degree of frugality wherever they can find it, and effectively participating in the recycling of textbooks is an emerging form of frugality at its finest.